Japan’s most spectacular natural wonders

Mount Fuji 

Even from a distance, Mount Fuji (3776m) will take your breath away. Close up, the perfectly symmetrical cone of Japan’s highest peak is nothing short of awesome. Dawn from the summit? Pure magic. Fuji-san is among Japan’s most revered and timeless attractions. Hundreds of thousands of people climb it every year, continuing a centuries-old tradition of pilgrimages up the sacred volcano. Those who’d rather search for picture-perfect views can climb the less-daunting peaks nearby.


Nachi waterfall

At 133m, Nachi-no-taki in Nachi Waterfall is Japan’s highest waterfall. For a close-up look at the falls, hike the 135 steps to a small shrine, Hirō-jinja, which has a viewing platform (it’s also the spot from which to worship the falls). Drinking water from the dragon’s mouth at the font (use your hands as a bowl) is believed to enhance longevity. The vista is one of the most recognisable images of Japan.




One of the most stunning natural vistas in Japan, Kamikochi is a highland river valley enveloped by the soaring peaks of the Northern Japan Alps. Easy day hikes are possible along the pristine Azusa-gawa through tranquil forests of willow, larch and elm trees. The birthplace of Japanese alpinism, Kamikōchi is also the gateway for more challenging treks up some of the country’s tallest mountains.




SOURCE: Lonely Planet

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